Relayer Report #10 —V2 Bug Bounty and Advisory Board Update

The latest updates from the 0x ecosystem: September 19th, 2018

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Thanks to everyone who chatted with us at ETHBerlin! We had an amazing time and look forward to SF Blockchain Week and ETHSanFrancisco that are coming up. In 0x news, we have officially gone live with 0x v2, and are offering up to $100,000 in bug bounties. David Sacks has also joined 0x as an advisor, signaling our focus on building out the security token stack, as Sacks is also a board member of Harbor (one of the many security token platforms that we are excited to work with). Finally, a warm welcome to Gene who will be part of the 0x core team working on dev experience.

In the world of exchanges, the New York Attorney General’s office released a report on the integrity of exchanges operating in New York, with a tweet storm of key points as well. Katherine from Messari has a great write up about it here, but the general ideas of the report are not news — a lot of sketchy things and conflicts of interest happen in exchanges. There is clearly a problem that needs to be fixed here, making 0x relayers and other decentralized exchanges not just innovative, but necessary.


Bamboo Relay (Joshua):

LedgerDex (Matt):

  • We have finalized our plan for 0x V2 migration

  • We have started coding for the next version of LedgerDex, which will be based on 0x V2

StarBitEX (James):

  • STAR Wallet: We designed a mobile wallet for users to create their own wallet by this app, and also allows them to trade by our exchange anytime and anywhere (Android/iOS)

  • Stable Coins: we will support TUSD, TWDT, HKDT, EURA, and J-coin trading pairs on our platform in the future

  • StarBitEX exchange 3.0 Upgrade with a friendlier UI and 0x v2 support

DDEX (Diane):

OpenRelay (Greg):

Paradex (Katie):

  • We’re working on our migration to 0x v2

Mobidex (Abe):

  • Open beta for Android released. More details can be found here

  • The Mobidex App has been open sourced

Shark Relay (Suchit):

  • Shark Relay migration of version 2 of 0x protocol is complete. We are currently performing regression testing and users can expect roll out within the next two weeks

  • We are integrating SendWyre which enables on ramping and off ramping between a users bank account and crypto wallets, without third party custody of currency or crypto assets


Will on Governance (Twitter):

Will discusses how lacking good governance can lead to the death of projects, as it will become impossible to coordinate upgrades.

Proof of Work on ZRX Token (Eric Meltzer):

Eric, who has now started his own crypto fund called Primitive Ventures, had an interesting piece in his newsletter about the amount of value projects like 0x, Dharma, and dYdX will create versus the amount of value they will actually capture and return to investors. Will responded in Reddit about this value creation vs capture narrative, talking of the Buxton Index, which is the length of the period in which an entity makes its plans, writing that the 0x core team has a Buxton Index of 4 to 10 years.

Introducing expo (dYdX):

dYdX announces expo, which is the first completely trustless way to margin trade. The first dEX to list these margin tokens will be Radar Relay.

Introducing Ethfinex Trustless (Ethfinex):

No sign ups, no delays, and no giving up custody on your tokens. Sign me up!

Fun Stuff

I watched Elon Musk on the Joe Rogan podcast, and one of the most interesting things mentioned by Elon (besides hitting a joint) was his idea that humankind could be thought of as a biological bootstrap for AI. One of my favorite classes at Stanford was Human Behavioral Biology taught by Robert Sapolsky, and in the class I learned how life has evolved in unplanned and random ways for millions of years. Millions of years of evolution is no joke, but rather than intelligent design biology kind of takes what’s there and puts in together in new ways — sometimes it’s useful, sometimes it’s not. Biology has a big head start, but not an insurmountable one, over our future AI overlords.

A band I’ve been listening to a lot is The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble, which makes cinematic, funky grooves. Check out “Baja Norte” and “Humpty Dumpty.

I saw the scene from Spider Man 2 trending on Twitter where Peter Parker stops the train and the crowd tries to protect him and it made me tear up.

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