Relayer Report #7: Nifty, V2 Dev Tools, & Augur Order Books

The latest updates from the 0x ecosystem: August 2nd, 2018

The update today is shorter than usual because its writer is out of town. He will be back for Relayer Report #8.

Updates from the 0x team


LedgerDex (Matt):

DDEX (Diane):

Radar Relay (Joe):

ERC dEX (Lindsey)

OpenRelay (Greg)

Shark Relay (Suchit):

  • Shark Relay has added support for websockets to provide customers with instant update on the orders displayed in our order book

  • Shark Relay has implemented Order Watcher to allow us to react immediately to changes in our order’s fillability in a scalable manner

  • Shark Relay is hosting a webinar on Thursday, August 23rd, 1:00–2:00PM New York time where we will demonstrate trades on our Trading Dashboard and show participants how to get the most out of it


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