Relayer Report #8 - Markets Are Red, Updates For You

The latest updates from the 0x ecosystem: August 17th, 2018

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I was gone on vacation for a month in Namibia and Botswana with limited WiFi, and I’m back to a whole lot of news: ETH is below $300, Clay Robbins and Chris Kalani have joined the 0x core team, Radar Relay has raised a $10 million Series A led by Blockchain Capital, The Ocean launched, 0x celebrated its 1 year anniversary, and we released 0x Portal. Though the markets have tanked and Twitter morale is low, teams continue to chug along, and that’s exciting to see.

Playing around with 0x Portal had me giddy. The user experience is sleek and the ability to compare multiple relayers to see which one fits the user best is what decentralization is about. This is a glimpse of the open financial system that cryptocurrency promised to deliver, though of course there is a long way to go.

For more details on the many updates over the last month, check out Blake’s Welcome to the 0x Community and Jacob’s Development Update #11.


LedgerDex (Matt):

imToken (Yongkhang):

  • After some time in beta, we have launched, offering trading execution and UI similar to a traditional exchange but on mobile

  • We released our Tokenlon-SDK to enable third party developers to implement exchange functions in their respective projects. You can find the information here

  • We also implemented third party relay polling on Tokenlon to share order liquidity with other relayers, contributing to a common pool of liquidity for relayer ecosystem

DDEX (Diane):

  • DDEX mobile app now has all major features fully developed

  • Fill out our Usability Questionnaire; DDEX partnered with ICOmarks to support in-dapp decentralized transactions.

  • DDEX Co-founder Bowen gave an interview with CoinCentral on DDEX updates.

ERC dEX (Lindsey):

OpenRelay (Greg):

• Coming soon: Redesigned website

• Also coming soon: ERC721 support on Kovan

• And after that: OpenRelay LitElement widgets with 0xv2 support on Kovan

The Ocean (Monica)

Shark Relay (Suchit):

Paradex (Katie):

  • 13 new tokens added this week (ANT, AST, BNB, CVC, DNT, HT, KIN, KNC, MANA, RHOC, STORJ, TUSD, ZXC) as well as 3 new Dai pairs (BAT, REQ, SNT)

  • Various UX improvements, like a new dashboard view, upgraded market selector, and new speed dial strip

  • Token creators: please reach out here to help us get your tokens listed on Paradex

  • Traders, market makers, dapp developers, hodlers — please send us your ideas and feedback here to help us improve

Amadeus Relay (Talita):

  • API is live on the mainnet since July 31st

  • Amadeus is studying and planning the migration to 0x V2


Senior React Engineer @ DDEX

Frontend, Backend, and Blockchain Engineers @ Paradex


8/2 (DDEX) — 0x and DDEX hosted a 0x meetup in Beijing

8/23 (Shark Relay) — From 1–2PM New York time, Shark Relay will demonstrate trades on its Trading Dashboard to show participants how to fully use it


Toward A Million Markets (Paradex):

Paradex announces its updated vision and plan after the Coinbase acquisition, detailing a lot of exciting new initiatives.

Mapping the Decentralized Financial System (Token Economy):

A long piece from Token Economy that categorizes many different crypto companies into the roles they will play in the new financial system. 0x is featured as one of the examples of “Asset Exchange.”

Decentralized Crypto Exchanges Can Solve Fake Volumes And Malpractices (Forbes):

Some of the advantages of decentralized exchanges are explored here, with the piece looking into how some centralized exchanges have fudged their numbers. The article argues that decentralized exchange will bring a huge amount of transparency to the fray.

Fun Stuff

I spent this past weekend in New York, and got exposed to a lot of people in the music industry who were in love with blockchain, an intersection that is a lot more likely to happen in New York than Silicon Valley. Our head of product Tom Schmidt was announced as an advisor to a blockchain startup called Audius, which hopes to give artists more control when making music.

I had a bit of an eclectic reading list over vacation: Dune (Frank Herbert), Palo Alto (James Franco), Sapiens (Yuval Harari), and Principles (Ray Dalio). Sapiens is an oft-recommended book from people in the crypto world, and it did not disappoint, getting into the heart of what makes people people. Dune is the science fiction novel and you should read it before Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Blade Runner 2049, Sicario) releases his movie adaption in 2019.

Vitalik had a tweetstorm with 61 tweets, detailing the history and state of Casper.